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Dispelling the Myth that Employers Cannot Give an Employer Reference Beyond Confirmation of an Employee’s Title and Dates of Employment

employer reference

Despite a common misconception to the contrary, Ohio statutory law and Ohio case law do not prevent employers from providing a detailed and honest employer reference about a past employee upon request. Further, Ohio law does not punish employers for providing truthful responses to inquiries from a prospective new employer of a company’s past workers. In fact, Ohio Revised […]

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The Importance of Proper Drafting in a Noncompete Agreement and Other Restrictive Covenants

for-cause termination

There are certain terms in an employment agreement that are more important than others. An example of one term is the noncompete agreement. The noncompete agreement is designed to protect an employer, including the protection of: (i) an employer’s confidential information/trade secrets and its relationships with clients/customers (aka “goodwill”) and (ii) a former employee from […]

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