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Study: Salary Transparency Among Bosses Increases Employee Productivity

     As part of the work we do with dental practices, the dental attorneys at Nardone Limited are always looking at ways to improve relationships between owning doctors and their employees.  We all recognize the value that our talent (i.e., our employees) brings to our offices daily.  What we also do, however, is struggle […]

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Dental Support Organizations: An Overview of DSO Functions and Various DSO Models

Dental Support Organization Functions      The dental attorneys at Nardone Limited routinely advise dentists on the best organizational structure for their particular dental practice organization. For some dentists, it makes sense to own or to contract with a dental support organization.  Dental support organizations (DSOs) have taken root in the United States in recent […]

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Determining the Most Beneficial Options for a Dental Practice Owner to Handle an Employment Dispute

           The dental attorneys at Nardone Limited in Columbus, Ohio want to ensure our clients execute the proper employment agreements, so the interests of their dental practices are protected. Specifically, we want to protect our dental practice clients from liability that arises from potential employment disputes. As part of managing a […]

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