CDC Infection Control Guidelines Affecting Dental Practices

As dental attorneys, we at Nardone Limited regularly assist our dental practice clients in dental board related matters, including infection control.  In discussing infection control issues with dentists in Ohio and throughout the United States, dentists sometimes wonder how they can keep up with so many different aspects of operating a dental practice.  To successfully operate a dental practice today, dentists must fully understand: (i) business and practice management matters, (ii) employment and human resource issues, (iii) legal guidelines and laws impacting a dental practice and its operations, and (iv) financial and tax planning concepts, while at the same time perform dental services to the appropriate level and standard of care. For more information on each of these practice management concepts, see Nardone Limited’s Dental Blog.  It is no surprise that a dentist may feel overwhelmed at times, or simply not able to keep up with every aspect of operating a dental practice.  One very important aspect of operating a dental practice is ensuring that the dental practice complies with federal, state, and local infection control and oral health rules and regulations.  The good news is that the Center for Disease Control (“CDC”) makes it easier to comply, by publishing and continuously updating its CDC Guidelines.

CDC Guidelines

The CDC has a comprehensive website providing a plethora of information on oral health and infection control.  Anyone can access the website by simply going to  The various articles, frequently asked questions, and opinions of the CDC are all based on the comprehensive publication from the CDC referred to as the CDC Guidelines for Infection Control in Dental health Care Settings – 2003.  By  focusing on and familiarizing oneself with the CDC Standards, dentists can ensure that they are meeting the prevailing standard of care in the dental industry.  Now, the CDC guidelines are just that, guidelines.  The CDC guidelines do not replace and are not a substitute for state infection control rules and regulations, OSHA, FDA, or EPA rules or regulations, as an example, that may impact a dental practice.  But, the CDC standards certainly help set the standard of care for your practice and the dental industry.  See the link here to access the CDC Guidelines.

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