Ohio’s Minimum Wage Increase and State and Federal Labor and Employment Workplace Poster Requirements

As dental attorneys, we at Nardone Limited regularly assist our dental practice clients in labor, employment, and human resource issues, including providing guidance on labor and employment workplace poster requirements.  One very important aspect of operating a dental practice is ensuring that the dental practice complies with federal and state labor and employments laws, rules, and regulations, including posting labor and employment workplace posters. 

Workplace Poster Requirements

Federal and state law requires employers to post labor and employment workplace posters. These workplace posters provide notice to employees about applicable labor and employment laws, including minimum wage requirements as discussed below. The employer must display the posters in a common area, frequented by all employees, such as an office lunch room or work area. The employer must also ensure these posters are periodically updated as required by federal and state law. If you fail to comply with these workplace poster requirements, you may be subject to citations and penalties related to your failure to comply. Thus, all employers should be checking new workplace posting requirements on an annual basis and they should be updating their workplace posters, as required. Since 2012, new federal notices are required, on workplace posters, for OSHA, the IRS, and the Employee Polygraph Protection Act. Additionally, Ohio’s minimum wage is increasing for certain employers at the beginning of 2014.

Ohio’s Minimum Wage Increase

For Ohio employers with businesses that gross $292,000.00 or less annually, the required minimum wage will not increase in 2014. Rather, it will continue to be $7.25, the current, required federal minimum wage rate.  But, effective January 1, 2014, Ohio’s minimum wage increases to $7.95 for employers with businesses that gross over $292,000.00 annually. All Ohio employers must post these new minimum wage requirements.

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