Tanya Nardone Talks Workplace Discrimination at Whalen & Co. Annual Business Seminar

Tanya Nardone had the opportunity to speak at Whalen & Company’s Annual Business Seminar for Clients on November 10, 2015. She spoke with various business owners, CFOs, accountants, and controllers regarding “How to Prevent, Manage, and Defend Against Workplace Discrimination & Harassment.” According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”), more than 88,000 workplace discrimination charges were filed in FY2014. These charges cost U.S. companies hundreds of millions of dollars annually. We are extremely grateful for the platform to explain: (i) what steps are needed to establish and enforce anti-discrimination policies, how to respond to a discrimination or harassment complaint, as well as what documentation must be maintained during the investigation. Thank you to those that attended and to Whalen & Company for hosting the event!