Ohio Department of Taxation Offers 2018 Tax Amnesty and Voluntary Disclosure Program

     The tax attorneys at Nardone Limited in Columbus, Ohio routinely advise and assist taxpayers regarding their ability to utilize amnesty and voluntary disclosure programs, prior to being audited by the Internal Revenue Service or the Ohio Department of Taxation (the “Department”).  Recently, the Ohio Department of Taxation announced that they will offer a tax amnesty program beginning January 1, 2018, and ending February 15, 2018.  If eligible for the program, any taxpayers with delinquent Ohio taxes who voluntarily come forward during this short amnesty period must pay the full amount of all delinquent taxes plus one-half of the interest due.  The Department will then waive all penalties and one-half of all interest otherwise due.  In addition, the Department will not pursue any potential civil or criminal action.  The Ohio Tax Amnesty only applies to taxpayers who voluntarily disclose and pay their delinquent Ohio taxes during the amnesty period. Taxpayers who have received a notice of assessment, or are under audit/have been audited are not eligible for abatement under this program.

Eligible Taxes

     Both individuals and businesses are eligible for amnesty, if they meet the necessary requirements.  Taxpayers may seek amnesty for all unreported or under-reported qualifying delinquent taxes that were due and owing as of May 1, 2017 and have not yet been paid.  Eligible taxes for the amnesty program include: individual income tax; school district income tax; employer withholding tax; employer withholding for school district income tax; pass-through entity tax; sales tax; use tax; commercial activity tax; financial institutions tax; cigarette and other tobacco products taxes; and alcoholic beverage taxes.

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     To be approved for Ohio Tax Amnesty, a taxpayer must submit an application, all appropriate tax returns, and full payment of the taxes due, plus one-half of the applicable interest before the deadline of February 15, 2018.  No partial payments or credit card payments can be accepted.  The tax attorneys at Nardone Limited routinely represent businesses and individuals in state and federal tax issues, including federal tax collection alternative resolutions.  If you are dealing with a local, federal or state tax issue, you should contact an experienced tax attorney today.  Nardone Limited’s tax attorneys and professionals have vast experience representing clients before the Ohio Department of Taxation and the IRS. We will thoroughly review your case to determine what options and alternatives are available, including the Ohio Tax Amnesty program.