Investigative Services

When confronted by a government investigation with possible criminal exposure, or the need for an internal review designed to analyze internal financial and accounting issues, or some combination in between, or the need to uncover potential employee/customer abuse or fraud, one needs experienced attorneys and other professional staff who can respond effectively to prosecutors, regulators, and company personnel.

Nardone Limited is uniquely staffed and qualified to handle a wide variety of investigations. Staffed by former prosecutors and federal investigators, Nardone Limited has conducted many investigations both while working for the government and after leaving the government. As trained investigators, Nardone Limited’s attorneys and professional staff are uniquely positioned to conduct such investigations while at the same time protect the results of that investigation by conducting the investigation under its attorney-client privilege. Nardone Limited is skilled at conducting these investigations quickly and efficiently, preserving relevant privileges, and evaluating the risks and rewards of government cooperation.

NGL’s practice in investigation services represents both individuals and organizations. NGL conducts internal investigations for a wide variety of individuals and organizations, including corporate boards, audit committees, and special management committees. NGL has extensive experience in navigating the complex accounting and financial disclosure issues that frequently arise in the course of these investigations. We know first-hand how prosecutors, investigators, and regulators think and what they expect. We believe that a timely and credible internal investigation can have a strong positive influence on the government’s approach toward a corporate client.

Our Experience Includes:

Tax: Our attorneys have successfully navigated the full range of complex criminal and civil matters related to tax fraud and noncompliance. We regularly appear before the IRS in both civil and criminal tax matters. We handle a broad range of administrative tax disputes before the IRS and state tax authorities in the examination, investigation and appellate stages. We also litigate criminal and civil tax cases in federal and state venues at both the trial and appellate levels.

Environmental and Workplace Safety: Our attorneys have significant experience defending clients against federal and state criminal charges and civil enforcement actions arising from environmental releases and catastrophic work place accidents. We are adept at managing and working through the complex issues raised during parallel investigations conducted by various federal and state agencies and the private civil actions that often result from industrial accidents and environmental releases.

Healthcare Enforcement and Litigation: We have extensive experience in representing healthcare providers in investigations and litigation by federal and state authorities. We have counseled clients in nearly every sector of the healthcare industry, from pharmaceutical companies to medical device manufacturers to healthcare providers. Our extensive industry knowledge allows us to structure integrated solutions to the fraud and abuse concerns that often arise in all phases of our clients’ businesses, including financing, compliance, intellectual property and litigation.

Bank Fraud and Litigation: Our attorneys have represented banks and other financial institutions in all aspects of fraud and litigation. The firm has assisted banks in identifying and uncovering internal and external frauds perpetrated against the bank, assisted banks in avoiding such frauds, worked with government investigators as the bank’s representative, sought out, seized, and foreclosed upon assets of bank’s customers, as well as implemented and completed numerous other strategies in an effort to protect the bank’s interest.

Securities and Financial Services: Representing securities and investment management firms, as well as their senior executives, in DOJ and SEC investigations and in other regulatory inquiries.